127/365 – Parklife

DSC05867 Yesterday was my first real day back into the old routine, gone are the Bank Holidays and extra holidays for Daddy, he has now returned to work (much to his disgust).

Our day began with Mother and Toddler Group, though without our usual sidekicks Cafebebe and Little Miss for reasons I shall let Cafebebe explain herself.  We had good fun, although I did get rather annoyed by one ‘perfect’ mother – a story for a different day!  When we returned home, Little Bean and Beanie Boy had their dinners and went off to bed and SLEPT (yippee) without any argument.

It was a beautiful sunny day so as soon as they both woke up we headed off to the park and had a really fun time.  Its always the simplest of days that are the most fun, you don’t have to plan for weeks or travel for hours – give the children a swing, a slide and a roundabout and they’re happier than a pig in muck!!

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