12/365–Avon Calling

Avon 091

Being a stay-at-home Mum is a very rewarding role but sometimes you feel like you need to “do something”, I’ve been wanting to challenge myself again, because a toddler and a new baby isn’t challenging enough right?  Its always good to try to earn a few extra pennies so I’ve signed up to become an Avon lady.  I started just before Christmas, which in hindsight wasn’t the best time to start but hey-ho.  This afternoon I look Little Bean and Beanie Boy out for a nice long walk and dropped off brochures along the way.  That’s the easy bit, the part I don’t really like is collecting them as people forget to put them outside so then I have to knock on doors. 

Last week I delivered my first orders and it didn’t go particularly well, at the first house I was invited in and didn’t feel I could decline but an hour later it was a bit too late for making any more deliveries so I had to call it a night and start afresh the next evening.

Fingers crossed my little venture will work out well, its worth a try at least!

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