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10 years already!!!

Mummy Matters

Ok well not quite if you want to split hairs but last night we celebrated Curly’s 10th birthday!!! His official birthday is on Saturday but it is his weekend with his Mum and they are going to Alton Towers for the day.

It always feels very odd to celebrate Curly’s birthday when we won’t actually see him on the day and it always make Hubby and I feel quite sad. Curly of course loves it because at least he gets double the celebrations and even more more so, double the presents!

Last night we had a birthday tea with his Nanny and Grandad and my Mum around for tea. Little Bean was so excited for her Bro and couldn’t wait for him to begin opening his presents. The great thing about having a younger brother and sister is that you have all the help you don’t need when trying to open your birthday presents!!!

Mummy Matters

As you can see he was very happy with his presents (although he won’t actually be getting his present from Daddy and me until next week – it will be worth the wait!). He was particularly excited about his inline skates and Harry Potter lego from Nanny and Grandad, his “Build your own eye ball” and this pop-up tent from my Mum which he slept in last night in the playroom!

Mummy Matters Children grow up so quickly,I have no idea where the last 8 years have gone. I started dating Hubby 3 months after Curly turned 2 and I still remember it like it was yesterday. In another 8 years (or probably before!) he will be out drinking in the pub with his mates and THAT is a scary thought!!!


Happy Birthday Curly, we love you!!!!

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