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083/366 – Curly girl


Don’t look at the face, I am useless at taking photographs of myself – I think it’s because the camera has to be too close to my face!

This morning when I got up and had my shower I took one look at my hair and decided it was high time I made myself an appointment at the hairdressers for a tidy up, I haven’t been since my visit to Regis in November. Luckily for me when I rang Regis they had a cancellation at lunchtime so was able to fit me in for a trim. Beanie Boy and I headed into town and after my cut the stylist asked me how I wanted my hair styled, I said I didn’t mind “something different” so she decided to give me curls. I really quite liked it and so did Little Bean, Hubby and my Mum – I bet you I can’t recreate it though!

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