066/366 – Sterimar Baby

Sterimar Baby

Today, Beanie Boy and I had a trip down to London to meet with Sterimar Baby as we can proudly announce that we have been selected to be Sterimar Baby Ambassadors along with Emma, Emily, Emma and Sarah.

We had a fab day in London meeting the Brand Manager for Sterimar Baby and the team, having our photographs taken and Beanie Boy was exceptionally good at modelling where you put the Sterimar Baby for the photographer (I will be sure to share these with you when I have them to hand!). I think he quite fancies a job in PR as he was busy picking out his favourite office and making himself well known to the staff, he knew his way around better than I did!!

I shall be back soon to tell you all about Sterimar Baby and how it can help your little ones to breathe more easily . . .

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