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052/366 – Happy Birthday Sis!

Ok I admit it, I’m rubbish! Half way through the afternoon I realised that today was my sister’s birthday and this is appalling when you consider that she was only in my house less than 48 hours ago.


I only met my sister less than 3 years ago, until that time we didn’t know that each other existed. The details aren’t important, they are private but what is important is that after growing up an only child, I now have a lovely sister and two gorgeous brothers (oh come on, they’re related to me 😉  ). The boys live out in Australia so I don’t get to see them very often but thankfully my sister still lives in the UK with her lovely fella and her two scrummy children, my niece and nephew. We all get on really well (most of the time), we still have the odd adjustment issues now and then but that’s to be expected. Her fella and my Hubby share the same birthday and are waaaaay to similar, especially when it comes to telling stories and they have a proper bromance going on but it feels like we have known them forever.

Even shopping trips are funny as we often turn up with similar items of clothing, although mine are a few sizes larger than hers but it’s good to have them in our lives and I’m sooooooooo cross with myself that I forgot her birthday. Sorry Sis, I will make it up to you xx

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