032/366 – Artful splodgers!

Messy Play

This afternoon when I collected Little Bean from Pre-school I was very pleased to hear that she had been a good girl, had no outbursts of violence and only had to be told off once for getting a bit stroppy with one of the other children. I wanted to make sure that I rewarded her good behaviour immediately with something that Little Bean really loves so when we got home, I got out the art box, covered Little Bean and Beanie up and let them loose on the paints any way they wanted to. I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the clock and saw that nearly 2 hours had passed by. They both had a great afternoon, there was no arguing, no tantrums, just lots of lovely messy fun AND I was left with a load of gorgeous artwork to keep to remind me of our fab afternoon. Who could ask for more?

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