Back to School essentials, here's what you need!

Back to School

Yes the Summer holidays really ARE drawing to a close.  I have seen on my Facebook page that some schools actually went back over two weeks ago, it seems crazy how different some school holidays can be.  So are you ready?  Have you bought all the essentials to send them off to school in style?   . . . → Read More: Back to School essentials, here’s what you need!

Why isn’t he sleeping?

Beanie Boy

I don’t really feel like I should complain, I know there are others in worse positions but as I am sitting here trying to think about all the things I need to be doing, I can feel my eyelids with a ten tonne weight on them.  Why?  Because Beanie Boy seems to have taken . . . → Read More: Why isn’t he sleeping?

Beanie Boy’s next stage - he’ll be driving next!


The last time I looked Beanie Boy was my cute little three year old with a heart as big as his smile but in the last couple of months since he potty trained himself he has grown up another three years I swear it!  He is now “too big for baby forks” (and by . . . → Read More: Beanie Boy’s next stage – he’ll be driving next!

A chilly day at the park . . .


Now that Jelly Bean is that little bit older it’s nice to be able to take him to the park with Beanie Boy whilst Little Bean is at school and for him to be able to join in, instead of being stuck in the confines of the pushchair watching as Beanie Boy has fun.  . . . → Read More: A chilly day at the park . . .

Why I ‘give’ to my children’s preschool

At the start of the month I wrote this post about teaching your children the importance of giving as well as receiving, I personally think it is a great lesson to teach our children.

When Little Bean was 2 years old, I enrolled her at a preschool in the next village because I couldn’t . . . → Read More: Why I ‘give’ to my children’s preschool

Beanie Boy’s First Day at PreSchool


How did this day arrive so quickly? One minute he was my tiny little bundle in my arms, then he turned one, last week he turned two and now he has started at preschool.

Preschool doesn’t normally start until two and half years but his one, the one which Little Bean attended

. . . → Read More: Beanie Boy’s First Day at PreSchool

082/366 – Parent’s Evening giggles

When reading Little Bean’s report at pre-school parent’s evening this little note made us giggle . . .

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Too Tired to Tango

Little Bean is now into her third week of attending pre-school (Little School) three full days a week and I’m really starting to notice a difference in her and not in a good way.  I’m not being an unsympathetic Mummy, I can see that this difference in her is tiredness.  She comes home from . . . → Read More: Too Tired to Tango

Little scrapper!

It’s never good when the pre-school Manager actually comes to meet you at the gates when you go to collect your child is it?  Well she did today and her first words to me were, “we’ve had a bit of an incident”.  Apparently Little Bean had got herself into a fight with a little . . . → Read More: Little scrapper!

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