When Buddy met the Beans!

Mummy Matters

Nanny and Grandad got their first puppy ‘George’ a few months ago.  George is a Toy Poodle and he’s a very cute and fluffy little chap with LOADS of energy.  He bounces about more than Zebedee and looks like black candy floss – I have a soft spot for him.  Nanny and Grandad love We . . . → Read More: When the Beans met Buddy!

Tomodachi Life is here to stay!

Tomodachi Life

I always knew that being on the Nintendo Blogger Network panel would go down well with the Beans, I mean who wouldn’t WANT to play games for Nintendo?  Curly, Little Bean and Beanie Boy each have their own Nintendo 2DS (we bought two of them and received one for being on the panel) and I . . . → Read More: Tomodachi Life is here to stay!

The last week of the Summer Holidays 2014


The end of the Summer holidays always fills me with mixed emotions.  On the one hand I’m generally quite sad that they are coming to an end because it means that I will lose my playmates as they head back to the classroom and I will miss them.  On the other hand I’m generally starting . . . → Read More: The last week of the Summer Holidays 2014

Burghley House with friends . . .

Burghley House

Thanks to the chickenpox which plagued the start of our Summer holidays we didn’t get to spend as much time with our friends as we would have liked to but we managed to catch up with them before we were heading off for our final holiday of the Summer.

On a cloudy afternoon we . . . → Read More: Burghley House with friends . . .

Summer Holidays - 24th - 31st August


I can’t believe I am STILL playing catch up with our Summer holidays posts but I am!  The last few weeks feel like they have passed by at 100mph but I am determined to get them done.

So by now you might have seen my posts for Wroxham Barns and Pensthorpe where we visited . . . → Read More: Summer Holidays – 24th – 31st August

Vosene Giveaway PLUS Nitwatch is BACK!

Vosene Kids

Nitwatch is back! Vosene are helping families stand up to head lice and give them one less thing to worry about as they settle into the new school term.  Anyone can visit the Nitwatch map and see where the current head lice hot spots are in the UK (residents of Peterborough will be happy to . . . → Read More: Vosene Giveaway PLUS Nitwatch is BACK!

LeapReader - Teacher Testimonials

On Wednesday evening Hubby and I attended a meeting at Little Bean’s school to find out exactly what Year 2 has in store for her.  As her teacher spoke Hubby and I gave each other little sideward glances, we knew exactly what the other was thinking.  This year really steps up a gear for the . . . → Read More: LeapReader – Teacher Testimonials

Our Fuel Save day trip to Snettisham Park

Fuel Save

You’ll have to forgive me if my posts are a little out of sync since the school holidays, we have been so busy getting out and about that I have been either completely shattered when we get home and I just want to sleep OR we have been camping and caravanning so I have . . . → Read More: Our Fuel Save day trip to Snettisham Park

The 20 Most Emotional Milestones for Parents

First day of school

I don’t know about you but I’m a complete sucker for ‘firsts’ when it comes to my Beans.  It’s the reason I can’t bear to part with so many of their precious belongings as each one holds special memories for me and just one look at them takes me right back to that moment in . . . → Read More: The 20 Most Emotional Milestones for Parents

Keep them healthy as they had back to school!


We are currently trying to squeeze every last minute that we can out of the Summer holidays before the Beans head Back to School.  It’s such a strange feeling when they break up for the Summer you feel like you have so much time stretching out before you and now looking back I’m wondering where . . . → Read More: Keep them healthy as they had back to school!

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