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What happens when you cross Campbell Books with a London theme?  Genius, that’s what!  We spend quite a lot of time going backwards and forwards to London with the children and the older they get, the more familiar they are becoming with some of the major sights of our gorgeous City.  When we had our girly day in London a couple of weeks ago, Little Bean loved being in Trafalgar Square, she was amazed by the size of some of the statues there and of Nelson’s Column, she even asked how they managed to get his statue stood on the top of such a tall “tower”.



We were recently sent a set of the beautiful Hello London series of books from Campbell to review and they have been an instant hit with all the children.  All three of them like the Hello London ‘Push, Pull and Slide’ book because they love to get involved and make the book ‘do things’.  I particularly love how it’s even raining on the front of the bus, they have captured London perfectly!!  Little Bean will be 6 in June and her memory is getting better and better, looking through the book she recognised Tower Bridge and the London Eye but without doubt our favourite page has to be the underground.


Beanie Boy likes ‘My First London Bus and London Taxi’ books because he can pretend to drive them around on the floor.  It has little observational questions to get the children involved in really looking at the pictures which are brightly coloured and engaging.


For Jelly Bean we have the Buggy Books which are perfect for taking out and about with you.  When we visited London at the weekend to see the view from The Shard I may have ‘borrowed’ his buggy buddies to engage Little Bean and Beanie Boy in a spot of eye-spy whilst we were up there.

I think these will be on our favourites list for a long while to come, definitely a must-have before a visit to London with the little people.

Hello London RRP £9.99
My First London Bus and My First London Taxi RRP £5.99 each
Buggy Buddies London Bus and London Taxi RRP £4.99 each

For more information about the great range of books available from Campbell head over to their website here.

I have managed to grab an extra set of these gorgeous books for one lucky Mummy Matters reader, to be in with a chance just complete the Rafflecopter entry form below;

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87 thoughts on “Hello London by Campbell Books PLUS Giveaway!

  1. Tracy K Nixon

    I think Big Ben! I took my kids and they were amazes how he was ‘real!’ after only ever seeing him in tv!

  2. Zoe G

    Definitely Buckingham Palace

  3. Michaela Turner

    I’ve never taken the kids yet but i think we would have great fun at the National Musem!

  4. suan watts

    St Paul’s Cathedral

  5. iain

    never been as yet but the London eye looks like a good start

  6. Stephanie Tsang

    London Aquarium

  7. My Two Mums

    We loved taking M to Picadilly Circus, bright lights and lots of stimulation.

  8. kimberley louise

    I haven’t been brave enough to visit the big smoke with my kids yet, but My daughter would love to visit Buckingham Palace

  9. Bex allum

    Buckingham palace

  10. Allan Smith

    Hyde Park

  11. Lorraine Tinsley

    The aquarium to look at all the fishies

  12. Susan Lloyd

    The London eye – they love it!

  13. Ashleigh

    The aquarium

  14. anthony harrington

    The Lord’s Cricket Ground Tour is cool for cricket fans, also can visit The Abbey Road Studios and pose on the crossing which is just minutes away from the ground.

  15. Gina M

    I love visiting the museums particularly the science museum as there is so much for the kids to do there.

  16. Jill Webb

    London Zoo a fab place

  17. Francesca Tuck

    The Science Museum

  18. Nefir A

    I haven’t been but would like to!

  19. Tammy Tudor

    the tower of london

  20. The Science Museum

  21. Catherine McAlinden

    Haven’t taken them yet, but we have tickets for London Zoo!

  22. lana leman

    London Aquarium

  23. Katherine Audus

    I can’t wait for my boys to be old enough to go to the Science Museum! :-)

  24. Laura A

    We’d love to go on the london eye

  25. I haven’t taken my little ones but Have taken my eldest and we like the Natural History Museum.

  26. jodie yorke

    Buckingham Palace

  27. lyn burgess

    the natural history museum is amazing

  28. Legoland :-)

  29. We haven’t taken ours yet but my son keeps asking to visit Buckingham Palace

  30. Jo welsh

    Hamleys :-)

  31. The London Aquarium

  32. The Natural History Museum, as long as the queue to get in isn’t too long! x

  33. Jackie ONeill

    Science Musuem

  34. we love going to the south bank there is so much to do and see

  35. Solange

    London Aquarium

  36. hompson

    we loved the science museum, and its free!!

  37. Amy Skinner

    London Aquarium

  38. jen morgan

    Buckingham palace they loved it

  39. London Zoo

  40. Trish D

    I loved taking them on the London Eye… they loved the Lego figures in Hamleys! Add a couple of years and I think they will love the Natural History Museum

  41. Hayley Anderson

    Science Museum:)

  42. ReeJ

    I took my little on the the London Aquarium for his first birthday. The whole family loved it.

  43. Jo-Anne holton

    Hyde Park and the Natual history museum

  44. Lauren

    The London Eye – lots of fun!

  45. Lucy Robinson

    The National History Museum. x

  46. amanda e

    Natural History Museum

  47. Tracey Morgan

    London Zoo a Great place, the kids loved it

  48. Chantelle Kemp

    The London Eye :)

  49. leanne newsome

    London eye

  50. Clint Howat

    London Aquarium.

  51. Mark Palmer

    Science museum

  52. My son loved the Natural History Museum

  53. Diana Semionova

    London Zoo :)

  54. Jill Cordner

    The aquarium, always a favourite for kids xx

  55. Claire Murray

    Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guards.

  56. London Zoo. He loves it.

  57. I haven’t visited with my little boy yet but I know he would love the Natural History Museum :)

  58. Lisa Sands

    London Zoo :) x

  59. The aquarium on the South Bank

  60. Donna Kent

    You can’t beat the natural history museum for a full day of activity. They won’t get bored.

  61. helen atkins

    London Zoo and Hamley’s

  62. lindsey stuart

    I have never been to London but i would love to go to the london eye and Harrods 😉

  63. The natural history museum. My son went there with school for a sleepover!

  64. The Science Museum

  65. Isabell Whitenstall

    The guards at Buckingham Palace

  66. Lynsey Ward

    Natural History Museum for the Dinosaurs

  67. The Natural History Museum

  68. Hamleys top shop! We went there before Christmas and the kids were in heaven – Their little faces beamed when I said there are more toys upstairs – I’d love to take them again soon :)

  69. Donna Gilligan

    Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square, lots to look at and they love the street artists

  70. Joanna Sawka

    the Natural History Museum

  71. Robyn Logan Clarke

    Has to be Hamleys!

  72. Helen Garner

    Madame Tussauds

  73. rebecca roberts

    Tower of London xx

  74. Natural History Museum – I took my 2yr old daughter in October and she still talks about how she loved seeing the dinosaurs.

  75. Holly Boyd

    The Natural History Museum

  76. Gary Topley


  77. Sophie Buckle


  78. Lorraine Polley

    haven’t taken my grandson to london yet, but we are planning to take him to the aquarium because he’s fish mad

  79. aisha keane

    Buckingham palace

  80. jodie harvey

    weve not been but would love to go to London Zoo :)

  81. Hamleys!

  82. jannette


  83. Tower of London

  84. emma kinsey


  85. natalie baugh

    love the national history museum


    The London Eye.

  87. Natalie Crossan

    London eye :)

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