Four CONNECT in Crantock with Actimel Blog Fund

Back in May Actimel invited Parenting Bloggers to submit ideas for the allocation of its CONNECT Fund, the third in a series of financing opportunities geared at helping families boost their health and wellbeing across six areas that all contribute to ‘that fantastically positive feeling you get when your family’s in tune and everything’s clicking’:  EAT, PLAY, CONNECT, MOVE, LEARN & GIVE.  From numerous inspired entries, Claire Deegan’s was one of those that stood out from the crowd and Actimel was delighted to help her family ‘CONNECT’ by financing a family camping holiday in Crantock, Cornwall – offering plenty of fresh sea air and sunshine-fuelled Vitamin D to help her youngest’s chronic lung disease and allergies.

“We have had an amazing time, not just because we could connect with each other, not just because it was sunny the whole time. No. The reason it was amazing was due to being able to watch Littlest do what all kids his age do – run around and be happy,” writes Claire of The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Life ( “I’d recommend it to every family to get away from it all and get to know each other again.”

“I am so grateful to Actimel and their team. We have always thought that sea air and a relaxed lifestyle would do Littlest the world of good and it did. Go grab a tent and connect!” she encourages other families.

Actimel’s LEARN Blog Fund, the next in the series, will be available from 2nd September. Parenting bloggers with great ideas for growing together as a family by setting new challenges and developing new skills are invited to submit entries from that date until the 27th September.

Visit where you can find a Family Wellbeing Fund Fact Sheet and details of how to apply.

To discover your ‘family type’ and smart little tips and small steps that can add up to make a big difference to overall family wellbeing, take the short survey at

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