Introducing the new baby on the blog!

How can it be that my little Jelly Bean is already 1 week old?!  It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I was waddling around with a huge bump, inadvertently rolling my eyes every time someone commented to me “isn’t it time you had that baby yet?”.  As it turned out, Jelly Bean was only 5 days late but right from the beginning of my pregnancy I had it in my head that he would arrive 2 weeks early so I guess my mother’s instinct was way off!!

You may have noticed that I have taken a little break from blogging in the last week, I think you’ll agree though it’s pretty understandable when you look at my precious newborn son.  Who would want to pass up cuddles with him in favour of a laptop?!?  Not me that’s for sure!! That said, I also want to show him off to you all, you have been on my pregnancy journey with me and I want to show you the most beautiful result of that pregnancy, a seriously cute 7lb 15oz baby boy who has come to complete our family, Mummy Matters readers – I would like to introduce Jelly Bean!


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14 thoughts on “Introducing the new baby on the blog!

  1. Kim Carberry

    Awww!! Congrats!! Soooo cute!! Hope you are all well x

    • mummymatters

      Thank you, I am absolutely loving getting to know my little man x

  2. tami anderson

    Congratulations he is just scrummy. Making me brooody again already! X

    • mummymatters

      He makes me broody but that’s definitely me finished now 😉 x

  3. Congrats,He i such a beautiful little boy.Hope Mummy and Baby are doing well x

    • mummymatters

      Thank you, I think he’s gorgeous but I am pretty biased 😉 x

  4. Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    congratulations, hope that mum and baby are doing well x

    • mummymatters

      Thank you, we are enjoying lots of lovely snuggles together x

  5. Jenny Kearney

    He’s gorgeous! Congratulations xx

  6. MumtoC

    Just flippin gorgeous! Loving the title of this post btw 😉 x

    • mummymatters

      he he thank you 😉 he is gorgeous and he can’t wait to meet you x

  7. Tee hee – he looks beautiful! Awww bless him. Opening those little eyes already. Can’t wait to follow his progress x

    • mummymatters

      Thank you, he’s a little heartbreaker. He is very alert and really looks at you, sometimes I feel like he really is listening to me (though I know that will change!!) x

  8. Congratulations to your gorgeous addition to the family!

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