Periods are a pain!

If you’re a guy reading this then you probably want to turn off now, I don’t think you’ll find this a very interesting article!!

Periods A while ago I wrote a post “Where is my period?” and as a few people commented, “it will probably be here next week” so it came the following week.  As predicted the first period was heavy and very painful but I figured I was very lucky indeed as I had been without periods for over 18 months and what a wonderful 18 months it was.  After a week my period finally stopped and I felt good, I knew where I was, back to normal right?

Wrong!  Just four days later, my period started again for about 3 days, then stopped for about 6 days, then started again and so it goes on.  I seem to be having a period every week for a few days and I just don’t get it?  Prior to Little Bean you could set your clock by my periods, every 30 days and nothing particularly heavy or painful when they came, just a bit bleurgh for 3-4 days.  After Little Bean my periods returned after about 7 months when I had stopped breastfeeding and went straight back to normal and so now this has really got me confused.

Has anyone else experienced this with their periods after giving birth?  Am I to expect this cycle to continue for good of will I get back to ‘normal’ at some point?  Your comments would be very much appreciated – thanks for reading!

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